Educational and Social Marketing Tools for Fathers

Looking for educational or social marketing tools for working with fathers or promoting father involvement? This listing provides information about father-oriented brochures, booklets, posters, DVDs, parenting courses, websites, public service announcements and resources for professionals. All resources in this list were either developed in Canada or are currently  in use by Canadian organizations working with fathers, and all are available to other organzations either through purchase of materials or training opportunities.This list is continually growing, so check back often for updates.


N.B. For information about publications designed to help practitioners understand and work more effectively with fathers, click here.

Print Materials


Dad Central Ontario (formerly FII-ON)  has developed six booklets for fathers, written by John Hoffman with the help of financial assistance from the Public Health Agency of Canada. The booklets and other resources can be ordered or downloaded from the Dad Central Ontario website.

Involved Fathers. A Guide for Today's Dad.

Full-time Dad. Part-time Kids. A guide for recently divorced and separated fathers.

Daddy Come Play With Me. A father's guide to play with young children.

Kids We Can Count On. A father's guide to building character in children.

One Step at a Time. A guide for fathers living in blended families.

Daddy I Need You. A father's guide to early childhood brain development.

Dads! Renovate Your Relationship. 14 tools to help fathers stay connected to their partners.

24 Hour Cribside Assistance: New Baby Manual For Dads. Originally developed by the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addition Health Unit in eastern Ontario uses car maintenance analogies to convey basic information about newborn care and health, breastfeeding and care of new moms to new fathers considered unlikely to read a detailed print resource. 

Most Dad Central resources are available in French language versions.



The BC Council For Families, British Columbia's hub for information and resources for and about families, offers the Fatherhood Pamphlet Series: six brochures for fathers.

Dads and Babies: Connecting with your infant
Dads and Toddlers: Connecting with your toddler
Dads and Teens: Connecting with your teenager.
Dads Away from Home. Keeping the connection when work takes dad away.
Rookie Dad. Ten things every new mom should know.
Rookie Moms. Ten things every new dad should know.

Teen Dads. Your baby needs you


Other Print Resources

Hands-On Dad

This 40-page booklet for new fathers, written by John Hoffman, was published by the Psychology Foundation of Canada's as part of its Parenting For Life series. The print version of Hands-On Dad can be ordered from the Psychology Foundation of Canada. An electronic version is also available for download.

Dads Make a Difference

Poster and 30- page booklet available for download from the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute.

Black Fatherhood on Fathering: Tips from the Barbershop.  15 tips for Black fathers of children aged 0- 12. Developed by facilitators and participants in Toronto's More than a Haircut Program.


Dad Central Posters

Five colour posters promoting father involvement.

First Nations Poster Series
Similar poster series adapted for Aboriginal families.

Fact-marks. Information sheets for dads on a number of different issues.

Celebrating All Fabulous Fathers 

This poster, developed by FIRA's Gay/Bi/Queer Fathers cluster, depicts photos of gat, bi-sexual, trans and queer dads granddads and their children and grandchildren along with text celebrating the variety of familiesin today's society. The poster is available for download on the website of Toronto's LGBTQ Parenting Network.  English language version  French language version. Print copies of the posters can be ordered by contacting Mariko Tamaki

Black Fathers/Positive Parenting Posters

Five posters which deliver key fathering messages and are illustrated by positive images of Black dads and children. The poster sets come in three different sizes - 18" X 24" ($25.00), 12" x 16" ($20.00) and also 4" X 6" postcards ($5.00) and are available from the Macaulay Child Development Centre in Toronto. 

Websites is a website for new fathers which was inspired the 24Hr Cribside Assistance booklet. Like the booklet, the website employs the new vehicle ownership manual model for conveying information to fathers. However, the website contains considerably more information than the booklet through a combination of short articles and videos. The site was developed by Dad Central Ontario with financial support from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

DVD and Video

Believe in me!/Je suis là!

Believe in me!/Je suis là! is the first Canadian film to provide a window into the minds of teenaged and youthful fathers. The 26-minute documentary presents interviews with some of the young fathers and community professionals who were partners in FIRA's Young Fathers Cluster, led by Annie Devault, professor of social work at the Université du Québec en Outaouais.

Produced by Artesian Films and the Young Fathers Cluster of the Father Involvement Research Alliance.

Ordering information about Believe in me!/Je suis là!

Fatherhood: Indigenous Men's Journeys

This DVD is part of a resource package developed by the community and university partners in working on FIRA’s Indigenous Fathers Cluster.

The Indigenous Fathers Resource Package, which also includes two booklets and other materials, is available through the website of Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships, a multi-site research project led by Jessica Ball at the University of Victoria.

The full resource package (available for $90.00 plus shipping and taxes ) includes:

• Fatherhood: Indigenous Men's Journeys. 40 minute DVD telling the stories of six aboriginal fathers (for more information about the DVD, click here)
• Aboriginal Fathers. A Guide for Community Programs (60 page, full colour booklet)
• Beginning the Journey of Fatherhood. A Guide for Aboriginal Men. (60 page full colour booklet)
• 17” X 23” poster
• Summary of the Indigenous Fathers Research Project
• Information sheets
• Worksheet for program workshops.

The DVD can also be ordered separately.

Ordering information for Fatherhood: Indigenous Men's Journeys

More Than a Haircut DVD

This 30-minute documentary tells the story of  More Than a Haircut, a Toronto program which consists of regular facilitated conversations with Afro-Caribbean fathers  held in three barbershops in the Eglinton Oakwood neighbourhood. The purpose of these discussions is to increase positive father involvement in children’s development. The DVD also features the voices of some of the program's participants.  The DVD canbe ordered from the Macaulay Child Development Centre.

Fatherhood-oriented parenting courses

Caring Dads  Caring Dads is a 17-week intervention program designed for fathers who have highly problematic relationships with their children due to child abuse or familiy violence. The program, based on a sound foundation of both theory and practice, was developed by psychologist Katreena Scott, of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, to fill a significant gap in programming for men who have abused their children or exposed their children to the abuse of their mother. Caring Dads was piloted over a five year period, beginning in London, Ontario and Boston, Massachusetts. Subsequently, the program has also been offered in  Thunder Bay, Brantford, and Toronto. Program and training materials are now available to other agencies interested in starting a Caring Dads program.

FII-BOCC- The FI-BOCC Program © (Father Involvement - Building our Children's Character), is a 16-hour curriculum designed to teach fathers about the importance of being involved with their children and how to support their children's development of positive character traits. The program content was by members of The FI-BOCC Program © Action Group based on general research findings about father involvement, as well as the material developed by The Virtues ProjectTM.

It's My Child Too.  A curriculum designed specifically for young non-custodial fathers who may be having difficulty moving into the parenting role. Developed by Purdue University's Centre for Families, this course has been used by Ottawa's Young Fathers Program.

The Parenting Partnership

A prenatal and parenting course program, developed by Invest In Kids  specifically for expectant, first-time parent couples who have access to the Internet. Course material covers pregnancy, birth, supporting healthy child development and working out an effective parenting partnership. The program will be offered in a combination of weekly web-based sessions and flexibly scheduled face-to-face sessions. The Parenting Parentship is now administered by the Phoenix Centre for Children and Families and is currently offered in Peel, Peterborough and Renfrew County. Visit the Parenting Partnership website.

24/7 DadTM

Developed by the US-based, National Fatherhood Initiative: Includes a basic fathering program (24/7 DadTMA.M.) and a more in-depth program (24/7 DadTM P.M.), each consisting of 12 two-hour sessions. Each program can be implemented in a group setting or in a one-on-one home-based setting. Currently offered by the Brant Pregnancy and Resources Centre in Brantford, Ontario.

Find out more about 24/7 Dad.