Resource to Help Practitioners Work With Dads

Wednesday Jul 18, 2012

Ontario's Best Start Resource Centre has developed an online resource to help family-serving programs work more effectively with fathers.  Step-by-Step: Engaging Fathers in Programs for Families, was written by Toronto parent educator, Brian Russell, who has been at the forefront of father-oriented program development and delivery and community mobilization for many years in Ontario. Russell's work was supported by input and advice from twenty professionals who have experience working with various populations of fathers in different parts of Ontario.

Step-by-Step is designed to give service providers a systematic guide for planning and implementing strategies for engaging fathers. The resources covers a wide variety of topics including:

 • Influences on father involvement

• The impact of father involvement on children and families

• Unique ways that fathers relate to their children

• The diversity of fathers

• Assessing organizational father-friendliness

• Marketing to men

Each section of the manual provides ideas from fathers and practitioners and includes examples of existing effective fathers' programs. Currently, Step-by-Step is available electronically only. A PDF file can be downloaded free-of-charge from the how-to resources section of the Best Start website.