FIRA Research Prominent in Canadian Academic Book on Father Involvement

Wednesday Dec 5, 2012

FIRA reseachers made key contributions to Canada's first English-language academic book on father involvement. 

Published by UBC Press, and edited by FIRA's Jessica Ball and Kerry Daly, Father Involvement in Canada, Diversity, Renewal, brings together two dozen leading Canadian fatherhood scholars, to examine the roles of Canadian fathers from many angles.  Looking at the experiences of fathers from different ethnicities, ages, marital statuses, gender partnering, and economic brackets, the authors examine issues such as the impact of poverty, access to paternity leave, and the availability of support from social institutions. By co-considering these dimensions and viewpoints, the contributors bring to light interlocking individual, familial, and socio-economic systems in which fathers are embedded.

National in scope, Father Involvement in Canada is the first book of its kind to summarize and challenge current scholarship on Canadian fatherhood and offer new concepts, theoretical frameworks, and research directions.  Read the Vanier Institute of the Family's review of Father Involvement in Canada.

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 List of chapters and contributors

 Part 1: Trends and Perspectives: An Overview of Father Involvement
1 Father Involvement in Canada: A Transformative Approach / Jessica Ball and Kerry Daly
2 Canadian Fathers: Demographic and Socio-Economic Profiles from Census and National Surveys / Zenaida R. Ravanera and John Hoffman
3 Fathers Make a Difference in Their Children's Lives: A Review of the Research Evidence / Sarah Allen, Kerry Daly, and Jessica Ball
4 Feminist Mothers Researching Fathering: Advocates, Contributors, and Dissenters / Andrea Doucet and Linda Hawkins

Part 2: The Diversity of Fathering Experiences: Contested Terrain
5 Young Fatherhood, Generativity, and Men's Development: Travelling a Two-Way Street to Maturity / Michael W. Pratt, Heather L. Lawford, and James W. Allen
6 Aboriginal Fathers in Canada through Time / Jessica Ball
7 The Short End of the Stick? Fatherhood in the Wake of Separation and Divorce / Denise L. Whitehead and Nicholas Bala
8 Fathering Within Child Welfare / Susan Strega, Leslie Brown, Elizabeth Manning, Christopher Walmsley, Lena Dominelli, and Marilyn Callahan
9 The Experiences of Fathers of a Child with a Chronic Health Condition: Caregiving Experiences and Potential Support Interventions / John Beaton, David Nicholas, Ted McNeill, and Lisa Wenger

Part 3: Toward Social Change: Policy and Practice Issues for Fathers
10 Fathers and Parental Leave in Canada: Policies and Practices / Lindsey McKay, Katherine Marshall, and Andrea Doucet
11 Looking Forward: Father Involvement and Changing Forms of Masculine Care / Kerry Daly and Jessica Ball

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