Academic Book Provides a World-wide Perspective on Father Involvement

Friday Aug 23, 2013

Father Involvement in Young Children’s Lives is a new academic book that addresses important gaps in the literature on the impact of father involvement on child development. While the significant body of theoretical understanding and empirical data accumulated in recent decades has done much to characterize evolving notions of father involvement, new understandings about the ways in which fathers’ involvement impact healthy child development have had a limited and uneven impact on policy and legal frameworks, especially at an international level. The 19-chapter volume, the latest addition to Springer’s ‘Educating the Young Child” series, adopts an inclusive attitude and covers issues facing of fathers in various countries including India, Japan Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, the Caribbean, southern Africa and North America, and also examines father involvement in minority  and marginalized groups such as those who are homeless, gay, imprisoned or raising a disabled child.

Father Involvement in Young Children's Lives includes a chapter on Indigenous fathers in Canada, by FIRA’s Jessica Ball.

Father Involvement in Young Children’s Lives. A global analysis. Educating the Young Child, Volume 6.  Edited by J. Pattnaik, Springer Netherlands, 2013