More Canadian Dads Working Part-time

Sunday Sep 13, 2009

September, 2009.

The number of Canadian fathers who work part-time while their partner works full-time, has increased by 700% since the mid-1970s, according to new unpublished data from the Canadian Labour Force Survey (LSF).

The overall number of Canadian families with children has not changed much since 1976. But, according to the new data obtained by FIRA from Statistics Canada, the number of part-time working fathers with a full-time working partner grew from 6,555 1976 to 52,755  in 2010. During the same period, the number of families where both the mother and father worked part-time more than tripled. The vast majority of fathers with children still work full-time. But this increase in part-time employment among fathers combines with other trends such as the increase in stay-home fathers to provide further insight into the gradual evolution in roles played by Canadian fathers.

Father and Mother working patterns in dual earner father/mother families with at least one child under 16 at home.)

                                      1976         1984         1992         2000         2010
Father PT/Mother FT    6,555*    16,555       27,640      37,915      52.765

Both Part-time               5,360      12,575       18.355      18,815     22,455

Both Full-time              673,296   833,050       1.04M       1.25M      1.31M

* these figures indicate the number of families, rather than the number of fathers or mothers.

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