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Please note that the Father Involvement Research Alliance is no longer an active organization. Please read the notice at the bottom of this page.

The Father Involvement Research Alliance (FIRA) was formed as the outcome of a process of national partnership building with researchers, practitioners, policy makers and fathers. FIRA was conceived as a broad-based Canadian alliance of individuals, organizations and institutions dedicated to the development and sharing of knowledge focusing on father involvement.

FIRA worked to develop partnerships, research projects and other undertakings in order to further society's knowledge and understanding of father involvement in today's families.

FIRA sought to:

  • be responsive to the needs and concerns of fathers, communities and institutions
  • build upon existing and emerging strengths of fathers while affirming mothers' contributions to healthy child development
  • be inclusive and transparent in its consultations and operations
  • acknowledge the diversity of background and experience of fathers in Canadian society

Through its various partnerships and activities, FIRA worked to:

  • generate research agenda's on father involvement
  • develop, initiate and carry out new research
  • design strategies aimed at sharing new knowledge with practitioners, academics, policy makers and the general public
  • promote evidence-based strategies for policy development, practice and systemic change
  • link to and engage a broad range of interested individuals, organizations and institutions
  • elicit the concerns/issues of Canadian fathers from the standpoint of fathers, mothers and children themselves

*This is FIRA's original Value statement struck in 2003. FIRA's research project ran from 2004 to 2009 at which time the FIRA Steering Committee, which came together specifically to apply for funding and administer the aforementioned project, ceased operations. Since then FIRA has existed only through this website. As such, FIRA, as an organization, is not able to participate in research projects or other intiatives, although members of the FIRA may be able to participate as individuals. 




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