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Father Involvement Research 2008: Diversity, Visibility, Community

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DRAFT Program

Wednesday Afternoon-October 22

1:30-2:30pm Welcome and Keynote Address

Kerry Daly PhD, Conference Chair

Associate Dean, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

University of Guelph

Father Involvement With Children: Contexts and Consequences of Interaction Patterns and Development

Rob Palkovitz PhD

Professor, Department of Individual and Family Studies

College of Human Services, Education and Public Policy

University of Delaware

Dr. Palkovitz's primary research emphasis is on fathers and families. Most recently, he has focused on the relationships between fathers' involvement with their children and men's adult development. His book, Involved Fathering and Men's Adult Development: Provisional Balances (2002, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates), details findings from a long-term research project regarding fathering and development. He is now beginning new research focusing on men's midlife development and families' lived experiences. He is also co-editor of another book Palkovitz, R. & Sussman, M.B. (Eds.)(1988). Transitions to

Parenthood. New York: Haworth Press.

2:30-3:00pm Coffee Break

3:00-4:30pm Breakout Sessions (5-6)

Breakout sessions will take one of several formats: workshops, round tables, panels, and paper presentations. In the following breakout session 6 groups of presentations will be presented. In paper presentation sessions for example 3 papers will be presented. In panel B presentations both panels listed will be presented during the breakout session etc. The program at a glance will be available later in the week of September 8th for those who require additional clarification.


Fathers as Newcomers: Perspectives on Immigration

Fathering Experiences of Immigrant/Refugee Ethiopian Men, Tachble

Effects of Culture and Ethnicity on Father Involvement, Poureslami

Anticipating Fatherhood, Kushner

Fathers and Work-family

Invisibility of Fathers in Family-Friendly Work Environments, Kwon

Long-term Implications of Father's Parental Leave, Huttunen

Fatigue in First-Time fathers, Loutzenhiser

Visibility and Inclusion of Fathers

Between Political Correctness and Actions? Tremblay

Divorced Fathers and Moral Reasoning, Autonen-Vaaraniemi

The Relative Visibility and Invisibility of Fathering, Dienhart

Panel B

More than a Haircut: Engaging Black Fathers, Gowans

Supporting Indigenous Fathers' Journeys, Ball


Shaking the Family Tree, Veldhoven



Sodai Gomi (I.E., Large Trash): An Integrative Analysis of Japanese Fathers,Christiansen

Indigenous Men and Education: Reclaiming Our Roles in Communities, Johnson

Social Services and Fathers at Risk: Understanding the Misunderstood, Deslauries

What Do Fathers/Parents Need? Long

When Dad becomes Mom, Exploring Trans Parenting, Boyce


5:00-7:00pm Program Hall Poster and Research Poster Session

Poster Presentations

A Framework for Orienting Services to Separated and Divorced Fathers-Whitehead

Four Poster Sessions-New and Expectant Fathers-Bader

Malaspina University-College/Nanaimo Men's Resource Centre Research Project-Boere

Nanaimo Men's Resource Centre-Boere

It's Different with Dad!: An Innovative Public Health Initiative to Include Fathers in Early Intervention Programs-Breton

Parenting Needs Assessment-Burneman

Believe in me!/Je suis là!-Devault

Strengths of Indigenous Fathers-Fletcher

Faces of Fatherhood Initiative-Hauer

Father Involvement Content in Parent Education Programs in BC-Hodgins

Paternal Involvement as Determined by Paternal Motivation-Ladage

Policy and Policy Areas Influencing Father Involvement-Lero

Emotions in Becoming a Father-Mykkanen

From Fathers' Notions of Fatherhood to Early Intervention Strategies: When Research Bridges the Gap Between Theory and Practice- Puentes-Neuman

Father Involvement in the Learning of Children With and Without ADHD-Rogers

The Fathers Network:Reaching Out to Fathers in Newfoundland-Singleton

Teen Dads' Challenges and Support from a Community Based Research Perspective-Sopcak

Fathers Forgotten: Swedish Child Health Care Clinics and the Physical Environment-Wells

Exploring Mothers Beliefs About Fatherhood- Wilson

5:00-7:00pm Wednesday Evening Activity- Networking-Wine and Cheese


Thursday-October 23

8:30-10:00am Keynote Address

"It Takes A Village" - Exploring the role of Otherfathers in African Communities in the Diaspora

Wanda Thomas Bernard PhD

Professor and Director of the School of Social Work

Dalhousie University

Dr. Thomas Bernard has published over 28 articles, and has made major academic and professional contributions to the field of Black masculinity, to the investigation of Black women's health and well-being, and to an Africentric understanding of the strengths of Black families, including Black men's experience of mothering. In 2005, Dr. Thomas Bernard was awarded the Order of Canada.

10:00-10:30am Coffee Break

10:30-12:00am Breakout Sessions (5-6)


Fathers and Generativity

Being There Makes a Good Dad: Fathers' Views from Jail, Hernandez

Father's Experience Fathering Middle School Aged Children, Timms

Tranformative Experience in the Life Course, Pratt

Fathering: Intergenerational Influences

Parental Behavioral Involvement as a Predictor of Negative and Positive Behaviours, Day

Father Closeness and Adult Sons School/Work Engagement, Roy

The Transmission of Fathering from Fathers and Mothers to Sons, Pleck

Non-Resident Fathers

WAITING Maintien de l'engagement paternal apres la rupture, Tremblay

Linking Research and Policy on Father Involvement-Fletcher

Paternal Responsibility and Parenting after Divorce, Kruk

Father Involvement and Child Outcomes in Nonmarital Families, Choi

Panel A

Reclaiming Fatherhood after Disrupted Intergenerational Transmission, Ball

Panel B

Father Involvement in the Context of Breastfeeding, deMontigny

New Fathers Community-based Research, Bader

12:00-1:00pm Lunch

1:00-1:45pm Keynote Address

Why Does Father Involvement Promote Child and Adolescent Development: Addressing an Under-Theorized Issue

Joseph Pleck PhD,

Professor of Human Development & Family Studies,

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

1:45-3:00pm Facilitated Discussion and Question Period

3:00-3:30pm Coffee Break

3:30-5:00pm Breakout Session (5-6)


Supporting Fathering Through Practise: Intervention, Education and Community Support

Preventative Intervention, Pape Cowan

Who Benefits from a Brief Educational Program for First-time Fathers?, Benzies

Vital Communities; Vital Support Russell

Navigating Father Involvement in Relation to Work

Parental Postnatal License, A Permission for New Father Involvement, Forray Claps

Explaining Japanese Exceptionalism in Father Involvement, North

Fathering When a Parent Travels for Work: Sustaining Connection, Zvonkovic

Low-Income Nonresident Father Involvement with Their Toddler, Cabrera

The Father-Child Relationship: Identity Issues

Pathways to Fatherhood in Finland, Mykkänen

Gay Dads in the UK, Davies

Responsiveness in Father-Child Relationships, Ashbourne

Baby and Dads First Year, Doucet

Fathers and Health

The Importance of Infant Sleep for First-Time Fathers, Sevigny

How Children Affect Father's Health and Health Behaviours, Garfield

Supporting Fathers Affected by PPD, Letourneau


Manufacturing Ghost Fathers: Fathering and Exclusion in Childwelfare, Strega


Fathering Programs and Curricula

Father Involvement Activities from Canada to Japan, Paquette

Needs Assessment of Father Involvement Programs in Black Communities, Boakye-Yiadom

From Research to Curriculum Development, deMontigny

Father Involvement in Parent Education Programs in BC, Sheftel

Dads Make a Difference Program, Boere

7:00-Open Thursday Evening Free Time


Friday Morning-October 24

8:30-10:00am Keynote Address

Can Father Friendly Policies Increase Men's Participation in Domestic Labour. Assessing Change Over Time

Scott Coltrane PhD

Professor and Associate Dean for Social Sciences

University of California, Riverside

Dr. Coltrane has written about the inter-relationships among fatherhood, motherhood, marriage, parenting, domestic labor, popular culture, ethnicity, and structural inequality. Results of his research have been published in various scholarly journals, including the American Journal of Sociology, Social Problems, Journal of Marriage and the Family, Sex Roles, and Gender & Society. Professor Coltrane is author of Gender and Families, Family Man, and coauthor (with Randall Collins) of Sociology of Marriage and the Family: Gender, Love, and Property. Dr. Coltrane serves as Associate Director of the UCR Center for Family Studies and is Principal Investigator of PAYS (Parents and Youth Study), an NIH funded longitudinal study of Mexican-American and European-American families. He is also Principal Investigator for, "Effects and Meaning of Fathers for Adolescents:UCR Site," NIMH/NICHD funding 2002-2007.

10:00-10:30am Coffee Break

10:30-12:00am Breakout Sessions (5-6)


Supporting Father Engagement: Indigenous and Immigrant Fathers

Paternal Engagement in Sudanese and Russian Newcomer Families, Este

The Generative Legacy of Fathering, Pratt

Indigenous Fathers: Breaking the Cycle, Manahan

Fathering and the Mother-Father Relationship

African American Fathers: Relationship Quality and Fathering, La Taillade

Implications of Fathers and Mothers, Responsibility fo Parenting, Fauchier

Similarity of Parents' Beliefs and Later Father Involvement, Adamsons

Teen Fathers

The Relationship Context of Early Fatherhood, Joyner

Waiting African American Teen Father Community Intervention, Caldwell

Vulnerability Versus Social Integration. The Complex Lives, Devault

Fathers and Special Needs Children

Paternal Involvement with Special Needs Children-Furst

Children with Special Needs: Unpacking How Mothers and Fathers Parent-McNeill


Relais-Pères, Working with Vulnerable Fathers in Four Communities, Forget


Early Intervention Strategies for Fathers

Results of Early Intervention, Neuman

Fathering in the Early Years: How Family Physicians can Help, Watson

Tips and Tricks from the Front Line with High Risk Fathers, McLean

Fathers Experiences in Support Services: In Their Own Words, Bodolai


12:00-1:30pm Closing Lunch and Keynote Address

Do Men Mother? Men, Maternal Thinking and Masculinities

Andrea Doucet PhD

Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Carlton University

Dr. Doucet's research interests include: Gender, work and care; mothering and fathering; inter-generational relations; intersectional analysis; gender, space and embodiment; masculinities; narrative analysis; feminist approaches to qualitative methodologies & epistemologies; theories of subjectivity; the blurred lines between qualitative research & creative non-fiction; and links between sociology and literature. Dr. Doucet's current research projects include: being Principal Investigator, Thérèse F. Casgrain Fellowship, "What Supports Women as Primary Breadwinners?" and the Principal Investigator, SSHRC Standard Research Grant: "Balancing Cash and Care: Fathers' Use of Parental Leave in Canada" Her recent book Do Men Mother? (2006) is published by University of Toronto Press and was awarded the 2007 John Porter Tradition of Excellence Book Award .

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Conference Objectives:

To provide a forum for the communication of current research results and key issues on father involvement from national and international perspectives.

To create opportunities to discuss the implications of father involvement research for policy, practice-based programs, community mobilization and future research.

To generate greater awareness and understanding of diverse father involvement practices in families, workplaces, communities and among fathers.

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