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Indigenous Fathers Tell Their Stories in New Documentary on DVD

FIRA's Indigenous Fathers project has introduced a groundbreaking new documentary film on DVD called Fatherhood: Indigenous Men's Journeys.

The film is part of a package of resource materials resulting from work of the first Canadian study to examine the experiences of Indigenous fathers. The Indigenous Father's group of community and university partners, led by University of Victoria Child and Youth Care professor, Jessica Ball, is part of FIRA's national community-university research alliance project.

The resource package, which also includes two booklets -- one for Indigenous fathers and another for community professionals -- was identified by the fathers who participated in the project as the best way to share what has been learned from the research.

The 40 minute documentary presents six Canadian First Nations and Métis fathers, aged 27 to 60, talking frankly about overcoming significant social obstacles and personal challenges in order to become positive roles models for their children. Their stories are presented, simply and honestly, without commentary or analysis, and the men courageously discuss difficult subjects, such as substance abuse, growing up without a father or having difficulty assuming their own fatherhood responsibilities. The fathers also encourage other Indigenous men to become involved in caring for their children, even though they may still have much to learn.

The film and booklets in the Indigenous Father resource package are designed to be used in a variety of settings. They are of particular interest to community programs that serve Indigenous fathers, mothers and children. The materials can also be used in professional development workshops as well as post-secondary courses for family health, social services, law, early childhood education and youth care practitioners.

The Indigenous Fathers Resource Package is available through the website of Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships, a multi-site research project led by Jessica Ball at the University of Victoria.

The full resource package is available for $90.00 plus shipping and taxes. This includes:
  • Fatherhood: Indigenous Men's Journeys 40 minute DVD
  • Aboriginal Fathers. A Guide for Community Programs (60 page, full colour booklet)
  • Beginning the Journey of Fatherhood. A Guide for Aboriginal Men. (60 page full colour booklet)
  • 17" X 23" poster
  • Summary of the Indigenous Fathers Research Project
  • Information sheets
  • Worksheet for program workshops.

The DVD can be ordered separately or with a full kit of resources.

Full ordering and pricing information can be found at:

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