Separated and Divorced Fathers

Paper By Edward Kruk Proposes a Four-Pillar Approach to Custody Determination in Canada

In 2003 FIRA commissioned three academic papers that would promote informed dialogue and debate about the relationships between policies and different aspects of father involvement. Those papers, by Lea Caragata and Wayne Miller of Wilfrid Laurier University, David Long, of King's University College in Edmonton and Edward Kruk, of the University of British Columbia, are now available in our resources section. 

Child Custody, Access, and Parental Responsibility: The Search for a Just and Equitable Standard.  by Edward Kruk, professor of social work at the University of British Columbia, proposes a four-pillar approach to child custody determination in Canada:

• a rebuttable legal presumption of joint physical custody after divorce

• parenting plans, mediation, intervention and support in high conflict cases

• shared parenting education

• judicial determination of custody in cases of established abuse, along with enforcement of shared parental responsibility orders

To read Dr. Kruk's papers go to our Resources section and search by author under the category Papers.

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