Gay/Bi/Queer Fathers

Poster Celebrates Fatherhood Pride

In partnership with FIRA, the LGBTQ Parenting Network at Sherbourne Health Centre, and Queer Parenting Programs at The 519 Church Street Community Centre have developed Celebrating All Fabulous Fathers, a vibrant poster that brings visibility to gay, bi, trans and queer (GBTQ) dads. This poster is one of a number of  knowledge products developed through FIRA's first research project, funded by the Community University Research Alliance (CURA) program of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

FIRA's CURA project included qualitative studies of seven unique sub-populations of fathers, one of which looked at the experience of gay, bisexual and queer fathers and prospective fathers. One of the key findings of FIRA's Gay/Bi/Queer Fathers Cluster was that GBQT fathers feel invisible in a society where the dominant positive image of a family is that of a heterosexual mother/father family.  "The general lack of visibility and under-representation of positive images of GBTQ fathers  represent significant barriers to the health and wellbeing of these fathers and their children, and also to GBTQ men envisioning themselves as parents," says Gay/Bi/Queer  cluster leader Rachel Epstein.

Chris Veldhoven, coordinator of Queer Parenting Programs at Toronto's The 519 Church Street Community Centre, and a community partner in the Gay/Bi/Queer Fathers cluster says the Celebrating All Fabulous Fathers poster is one way to begin to address these issues. "We hope to see the posters put up in community centres, child care centres libraries, schools and other public spaces all over Canada."

The poster depicts photos of GBTQ dads granddads and their children and grandchildren along with text celebrating the variety of families with GBTQ fathers and the word father translated into 40 different languages. To download a copy of the English language poster click here.

To download the French language version of the poster, click here

Celebrating All Fabulous Fathers is available for distribution across Canada.  To order copies contact Mariko Tamaki

Posters will also be available for pick-up at The 519 Church Community Centre in Toronto or at the 

Celebrating All Fabulous Fathers  was launched Saturday, June 12 at the Dads & Grads Fabulous Fathers' Day Picnic, which took place at The 519 Church Street Community Centre. .




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