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Fira.ca is a web archive. Here's a guide to our main menu that will help you understand what information and resources are on the site and how to find what you are looking for.

ABOUT US Background information on the FIRA project, steering committee, partners, FIRA activities, mission and guiding principles.

RESEARCH CLUSTERS Information about FIRA's nine research groups including information about researchers, partners and a listing of published articles and resources related to each cluster.

ABOUT FATHER INVOLVEMENT The Articles section contains an archive of short articles related to FIRA research, father involvement research conducted by other researchers and resources or programs for fathers. The Public Policy Issues section contains the chapters of our Inventory of Policies and Policy Areas Affecting Father Involvement posted as separate documents. The full Policy Inventory can be found here. 

NEWS News stories related to FIRA activities, other father involvement research, father involvement programs and resources. Stories were posted between 2007 and 2014

RESOURCES This section is an archive of articles, papers, abstracts, book reviews and resources for working with fathers organized as follow:

Books Information about three books associated with the FIRA project or written by researchers who were members of the FIRA network.

Educational and Social Marketing Tools A listing of educational booklets, posters, brochures, videos, parenting courses and websites for fathers. Most were developed in Canada.

Father Engagement Tools for Practitioners  Several resources to help practitioners work with fathers more effectively and inclusively.

Papers and articles Information about published academic papers related to the FIRA project or written by researchers who were members of FIRA.

Reports and Presentations  Conference presentations by FIRA researchers, discussion papers, and research posters. Some are directly related to the FIRA project and others were selected for their thematic relevance to FIRA's work.

Links Links to father involvement related sites.


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