Indigenous Fathers

Letter of Support from National Chief Phil Fontaine

October 2, 2007

Mr. Tim Paquette, Chair
Father Involvement Initiative
Ontario Network
The FII-ON Secretariat
30 Bennett Street, Unit 2
Carleton Place ON K7C 4J9

Dear Mr. Paquette:
It is with great enthusiasm that I received your package from the University of Victoria School of Child and Youth Care.

Last July, the three AFN Advisory Councils (Elder, Youth and Women) met to discuss their mutual priorities. During this meeting, they agreed to pursue the development of a Tricouncil Mission Statement centred on the "family" concept within First Nations communities. We estimate that over 60% of First Nations families are single-parent. This presents a unique challenge for First Nations individuals, both mothers and fathers and to the whole family and community.

Too few resources have been focused on nurturing foundational elements of a healthy and happy First Nations family environment.  The unique focus of you initiative on First Nations fathers is to be highly commended.

We will be sending your website link and package internally to our Health and Social Secretariat, to our National First Nations Health Technicians Network and to members of the Tricouncil.

If we can be of any other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us through Valerie Gideon, Senior Director, Health and Social Secretariat, or toll free:  1-866-869-6789, ext. 260.


Phil Fontaine, National Chief
Office of the National Chief
473 Albert Street, 8th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario  K1R 5B4

cc. Jessica Ball, M.P.H., Ph.D., University of Victoria - ECDIP, School of Child & Youth Care, P.O. Box 1700, STN CSC, Victoria BC V8W 2Y2
Ms. Kathleen McHugh Chair AFN Women's Council
Mr Elmer Courchene, Chair Elder's Council
Regional Chief Katherine Whitecloud, Chair Youth Council

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