Father Involvement Research 2008: Conference

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  • Fathering Experiences of Immigrant/Refugee Ethiopian Men (Paper Presentation) (ppt 294kb)
    by Admasu Tachble
    Immigrant fathers have left familiar and cultural settings of their own and pass through a long process of adapting to a new context that requires reorganizing their lives in the new environment. The adaptation process may demand these fathers to make adjustments to their perceived role of a father. These fathers may be ill equipped and appear to be struggling to discharge their roles within the resettlement environment. Despite the increasing number of newcomers from diverse backgrounds to Canada in recent years, there is a limited research-based information and guiding professional literature that explores how immigrant and refugee men practice fatherhood. This appears to have created a knowledge gap as to what the support needs of these fathers are and as to what modalities of intervention could best fit to their needs. In the absence of this, profes¬sionals are left to rely on their own experiences, biases and concerns as to how to deal with these fathers. Based on in-depth interviews with 10 Ethiopian immigrant/refugee men recruited through a criterion sampling process based primarily on length of residency in Canada and age of children, this paper examines their perceptions and experiences of fatherhood in Canadian society. Insights on the parenting styles and obstacles facing these immigrant fathers as well as on the opportunities and the aspirations they have for their children in Canada will be discussed.

  • Conference Program, English (pdf 1.13Mb)
    This is the final version of the conference program, English.

  • Conference Program, French (pdf 812kb)
    This is the final version of the conference program, French.

  • Father Involvement Research 2008 Presentation Abstracts (pdf 369kb)
    by NA
    This document contains the complete abstract of every conference presentation as of October 22, 2008.

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